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Fashion Trend: Jennifer Lawrence, Florence Pugh, and How to Wear Sheers

Emma Corrin

When Jennifer Lawrence, Florence Pugh, Emma Corrin and Julianne Moore turn up on the red carpet in gauzy creations similar to each other within a two week span, you know a trend is happening. Fashion has made a major change. Sheers have been embraced.


How to wear them? What are they? Are they right for you?


Think granny panties and a vest or bustier beneath a sheer gauzy cape. Or try a leotard. Pair it with stilettos and you have the most daring variety of the sheer. Other options are a solid base with a flowing overdress without a petticoat or lining. Flip through to be inspired.


Above: Emma Corrin in the most daring of the sheers so far on a big star. Stunning in the Toronto breeze this Miu-Miu creation was like a living piece of art and impactful with the white, short hair. Scroll to the bottom of the gallery to see what happens when she raises her arms… Courage is required.


Lucy Boynton – the very epitome of style goes for the popping color at TIFF. Bright green made less intense in the sheer skirt that drapes elegantly behind her. Her bodice is made of feathers that flutter in the breeze.

Lucy BoyntonAlexandra Daddario

Above: Alexandra Daddario goes sheer top to bottom but for the granny panties. The volume of the skirt merely hints at the form below but the nude tone adds to the illusion of almost nothing at all.


Below: Jennifer Lawrence does it perfectly in Dior – the black overlay revealing the legs and arms, the black making it more provocative than it is. The off-the -shoulder top is lined in a nude giving the illusion of sheer but not revealing everything. See the video of how the breeze played with the sheer.


Jennifer Lawrence Amelia Gething

Above: Amelia Gething loved this look, saying, “I could do this all night,” as she twirled for the press in a purple sheer with a dark solid granny panty and a nude lining on the bodice.


Below: Julianne Moore embraced the look in Venice with a deep V bodice and sheer skirt, overlayed with a sheer cape.

Julianne MooreEmma Corrin

We began with Emma Corrin and end with her. The question is has she taken the trend to a new level? The leotard is an extreme high cut reminiscent of the early 80s. The sheers are really bell sleeves – tubes of sheer organza that provide no cover at all.


Watch this space to see the ebb and flow of the season’s sheers.