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Batman Vs Superman: The Superheroes Speak

After Man of Steel Zack Snyder dives deeper into DC’s super-mythology with the first installment of the Justice League trilogy. Snyder has delved into the darker hues of superherodom before, notably with The Watchmen. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he reprises the themes of fear and redemption in a world where humanity alternately idolizes and loathes its superheroes. This time it’s no longer just the man from Krypton but his power struggle with the Caped Crusader that threatens Metropolis and Gotham – and once again, society’s baser instincts themselves. Batman is played by Ben Affleck, who has 3 Golden Globe nominations and wins for Best Director (Argo) in 2013 and Best Screenplay (Good Will Hunting – with Matt Damon) in 1998. Henry Cavill, whose career really turned hot after playing Superman/Clark Kent in Man of Steel, reprises his role as does Amy Adams who returns as Lois Lane. Adams has won Best Comedy Actress Golden Globes for Big Eyes (2015) and American Hustle (2014) and has four more noms, going back to the role she created for the, well, enchanting Enchanted in 2008 (that’s six noms in nine years!). Batman v Superman also features Israeli born beauty Gal Gadot (Furious 7) as the alluring Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman. Listen as they give us the 411 on the year’s most anticipated super-movie.

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