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Sally Field on “Hello My Name is Doris”

With 12 nominations and two Best Actress wins to her credit (for Norma Rae in 1980 and Places in the Heart in 1985) Sally Field is Golden Globe royalty, let alone one of the best American actors working. The last time she got on the Globe board was in 2013 with a Best Supporting Actress nom for her portrayal of Mary Todd in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. But Field by no means works exclusively in high profile pictures, often lending her talents to smaller indie projects. That’s the case with Hello, My Name is Doris an endearing comedy which is as she tells us a “coming of age story of an aged woman”. In it she plays the eponymous protagonist, a sixty-something woman who unexpectedly falls for a much younger coworker, Max Greenfield, and in the process finds herself. We asked both actors about it.

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