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Ford, Gyllenhaal, Taylor-Johnson on “Nocturnal Animals”

Tom Ford’s critically acclaimed debut, A Single Man, garnered three Golden Globe nominations (Colin Firth, Julianne Moore and Abel Korzeniowski’s score). Seven years later the man better known as successful global fashion designer of Gucci and Yves Saint-Laurent (and Tom Ford) fame, returns to the screen with Nocturnal Animals – a taut, moody thriller that spans glitzy urban locales and scours the dark American hinterlands as a sort of topography of guilty consciences. Ford told the HFPA the film (based on the Austin Wright novel “Tony and Susan”) is about loyalty, loss and love. Animals stars Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhall, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Michael Shannon. And it won the Grand Jury Prize at the last Venice Film Festival. Listen to what else Ford, Gyllenhall and Taylor-Johnson had to say.