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Lucy Lawless on “Ash vs. Evil Dead”

With titles like Westworld, Twin Peaks, Lethal Weapon and McGyver, studios are turning more and more to rebooting hits of the past to feed the ever growing demand for content. In the best of cases the retooling is left to the original creators. Case in point – Sam Raimi’s sequel to his cult comedy-horror series The Evil Dead. In Ash vs. Evil Dead, Raimi (along with co-creators Tom Spezialy and brother Ivan Raimi), picks up the saga of chronic underachiever Ash Williams and his long running battle against the evil spirits he summoned all those years ago by inadvertently reading an incantation from the Book of the Dead. Hey, a guy can make a mistake, right? Well “Dum Dum” Williams sure can. Those are Lucy Lawless’ words, not ours. Listen as the Kiwi icon (Xena: Warrior Princess) expounds on the show’s gore, humor and the finer points of working with the “snot cannon”.