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Woody Allen on New York, Television and “Crisis in Six Scenes”

It’s been a busy year for Woody Allen, a Cecil B. deMille Award recipient as well as Globe winner for the screenplays of Purple Rose of Cairo and Midnight in Paris. Last May he opened the Cannes film Festival with his 52nd feature, Café Society. Now his first series, Crisis in Six Scenes is streaming on Amazon. Set on the backdrop of the turbulent sixties it provides a tableau of anti war-protests, political upheaval and youth counterculture from the perspective of Sidney J. Munsinger, a mild mannered copy writer whose humdrum suburban existence is thrown into unwelcome turmoil by the appearance of self-styled revolutionary and fugitive Lennie Dale (Miley Cyrus), whom Sidney’s wife Kay (Elaine May) offers to harbor in the house. We asked Mr. Allen about his first foray into episodic fiction.