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Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy on “Ghostbusters”

“Listen, if I heard someone was doing it and it wasn’t me, I'd be nervous too” Paul Feig told us apropos of his highly anticipated reboot of Ghostbusters. Ever since the remake was announced 30 years after the 1984 classic made comedy history, fandom has been abuzz – and not all of the feedback regarding the new all-female cast has been positive. But Feig told us that, while he understands why fans would feel protective of such an iconic film, its high time we deal with the fact that women can be – and are – just as funny as guys. He’ll get no quarrel from us on that score especially when the cast features Golden Globe nominated Melissa McCarthy and Golden Globe nominated Kristen Wiig alongside SNL alums Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones. Here’s what else Feig and serial collaborator McCarthy had to say.