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Woody on Movies, TV and “Café Society”

After being invited to open the Cannes film festival, Woody Allen is releasing his 52nd feature film. Café Society is another erudite farce, which gracefully melds slapstick and satire in a love letter both to Hollywood’s Golden Age and to his autobiographical middle class Jewish East Coast milieu. It features Jesse Eisenberg as the director’s surrogate, Steve Carell, Blake Lively and Kirsten Stewart in a bicoastal tale of scorned love, motion pictures, nightclubs and small time hoodlums – told like only Allen can. We caught up with the Cecil B. deMille Award recipient (also Globe winner for the screenplays of Purple Rose of Cairo and Midnight in Paris) in his beloved New York. In this HFPA exclusive, Silvia Bizio asked him about the film as well as his latest venture, a still untitled limited series for Amazon set on the backdrop of sixties counterculture. Enjoy.