Anthony Al-Jamie

Anthony Al-Jamie is a Southern California native whose childhood fascination for Asia was ignited by television and movies. He began making regular visits to Tokyo and Seoul in 1985. He lived and worked in Japan for some 20 years where his understanding of the Japanese language and culture, coupled with his intercultural skills, have allowed him to carry out interviews with many of Japan’s and the world’s most renowned individuals. He began as a writer with the Tokyo Journal, one of Japan’s oldest English/bilingual magazines in the 1990s. He held various roles throughout the years including senior editor and executive editor. He currently serves the Tokyo Journal as editor-in-chief and is an accredited member of the Motion Picture Association. Throughout his career, Anthony Al-Jamie has brought forth compelling stories and engaging interviews that provide insight and perspectives to readers around the world. His work on both sides of the ocean reflects an appreciation for entertainment, sports, culture, artistry, and human achievement.