South Korea

Jeong Kim

For the last forty years, ever since graduating from college, Jeong Kim has been working as a staff writer and critic for a variety of media sites, covering stories pertaining to film, television, and other forms of entertainment. While he was a reporter for the “Dong-A Ilbo” newspaper and a Hollywood correspondent for “Sport Seoul,” the film and music industries were his beat. His role at IBS, a global satellite broadcaster that reaches Korean communities, was to produce news programs about Hollywood. The monthly magazine “Komerican” appointed him editor-in-chief after he had worked there for three years as a staff writer. Typically, his pieces would appear in art and film magazines. He contributed to the monthly Korean magazine “Arts World” for a long time, covering arts and culture, movies, and theater. He currently writes film reviews for the “Korea Daily,” the most widely read Korean-language daily newspaper.