Johan Albrechtsen

Johan Albrechtsen is a Danish film journalist, who’s covered movies through every journalistic medium — radio, television, podcast, video, and the written word. Due to his work and experience as a video editor in Denmark – primarily working in the field of feature film marketing – Albrechtsen became a member of the Danish Film Academy which hands out Denmark’s leading movie awards, the Robert Awards, and he’s responsible for all the video content produced for the award show. Albrechtsen co-founded, one of Denmark’s leading entertainment websites, back in 2015, and aside from being Moovy’s news editor and video host/producer he frequently lends his expertise to prominent news outlets in Denmark and beyond. He has conducted more than 1,000 interviews across several continents and decades. Albrechtsen’s biggest passion is the world of sci-fi and its boundless storytelling possibilities; he started his journalistic career as the chief editor of a Star Trek fanzine in the 2000’s before becoming a driving force in the burgeoning arena of online entertainment journalism in that same decade. Albrechtsen holds a master’s degree in film and media sciences, having finished his master thesis at Copenhagen University in 2020.on science-fiction fan culture and the genre’s use of analogies and allegories.