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John Travolta

John Travolta (born February 18, 1954 in Englewood, New Jersey) started acting on television in the comedy Welcome Back, Kotter (1975-1979), he starred in movies like Saturday Night Fever (1977), Grease (1978), Urban Cowboy (1980), Blow Out (1981) by Brian De Palma, Perfect (1985) with Jamie Lee Curtis, Pulp Fiction (1994) by Quentin Tarantino, Get Shorty (1995) by Barry Sonnenfeld, Broken Arrow (1996) with Christian Slater (1996) and Face/Off (1997) with Nicolas Cage, both directed by Jon Woo, A Civil Action (1998) by Steven Zallian, Primary Colors (1998) by Mike Nichols, Swordfish (2001) with Hugh Jackman, Hairspray (2007), Savages (2012) by Oliver Stone. Travolta played defense lawyer Robert Shapiro in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (2016).





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