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Interview with Meenakshi Sheede – Clash of the Titans: Bollywood vs. South Indian Films

According to the Indian publication Business India, there is a juggernaut of movies from South India that has taken over the Indian box office as Bollywood films are turning out to be a “feeble competitor. ” Quoting a CII South Media & Entertainment report, Business India reports that 62% of the all-India box office collections of movies in 2021 came from South Indian films and the trend is getting stronger.
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Jio MAMI: The 21st Mumbai Film Festival Goes Low-Key

Those of us who regularly attend the Mumbai Film Festival know how to deal with the shortcomings of Mumbai when making the 24-hour trip from Los Angeles. Aside from the jet lag, you steel yourself for the 95-degree heat, allow hours of lead time to battle the horrendous traffic, and then strive for a zen state of mind, because if you don’t, the sweltering, noisy, overcrowded city bursting at the seams will strain your last reserves and turn you into a gibbering wreck.
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Bollywood: There’s a Change in the Air

When one hears the name Bollywood, what comes to mind, most often than not, are three-hour-long movies with song and dance no matter what the genre, movies driven by star power such as Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar. These stars will still shine but they seem to be losing a little bit of their luster as is evident from the latest box office figures, all recent films starring the four actors have opened with good box office numbers and then have taken a nosedive.