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Docs: “Queendom” Highlights the Perils of Queer Self-Expression in Russia

A bracing cinematic reminder of the fact that the personal is the political, most especially in autocratic systems, arrives in the form of Queendom, which enjoyed its world premiere at the 2023 South by Southwest Festival on March 11 in the Documentary Feature Competition section. In focusing on the story of a 22-year-old Russian artist who wants to change people’s perceptions of beauty and queerness, and bring attention to the harassment of the LGBTQ+ community, this nonfiction effort offers up a striking snapshot of the foolhardy courageousness of youth.
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Docs: “This World Is Not My Own” Uses One Artist’s Life to Explore How Society Impacts Identity

Nonfiction films offer a great way to lift and celebrate the fascinating lives of lesser-known figures in all types of fields, shining a light on people from overlooked communities or influential figures who never really achieved mainstream appreciation. A great many such movies, however, spend a lot energy working to convince viewers of their subject’s brilliance, and thus noteworthiness.
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Docs: “Strangers to Peace” Showcases Difficulties of Deprogramming Violence

The heavy weight of history, its almost gravitational pull toward chaos, and the dark intersection of this with both personal trauma and self-betterment are all jointly explored to moving effect in Strangers to Peace. This interesting new documentary examines the attempts of three individuals to leave FARC, a Marxist guerrilla army which has waged a bloody campaign to overthrow the Colombian government for more than 50 years.