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Song Without a Name (Peru)

Like so many foreign films this year, Canción Sin Nombre (the original title of this film) is a debut feature by a female director. Peruvian filmmaker Melina León chose a painful subject from her country’s history: in the late 1980s, Peru was a hotbed of politically motivated violence, its society in turmoil, with no oversight of its institutions, a corrupt and outdated legal system, a wealth gap of epic proportions and an outlook stuck in the dark ages when it came to women’s rights – and that’s not even taking into consideration the racist government policies affecting the indigenous part of its population.
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Oliver Black (Morocco)

From My Dinner with Andre to Oleanna to Richard Linklater’s Before Trilogy, cinema has a rich tradition of so-called “two-handers” – movies that tightly focus on, and channel their drama primarily through, the examination of a single relationship between two people. Tawfik Baba’s Oliver Black generally fits this mold, telling the story of a nameless old man (Hassan Richiou) and a young African boy, Vendredi (Modou Mbow), wandering the desert of Morocco together.
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The Night (Iran/USA)

Shot on location in Los Angeles, The Night went into production in 2018, at the onset of American President Donald Trump’s imposed sanctions against Iran – a fact that gave the project extra meaning for cast and crew, the latter of which included department heads comprised exclusively of Iranians and Iranian Americans. There was also excitement and interest in being able to dabble in the psychological horror genre, a fertile cinematic territory which has seen some of its most rich explorations of the past couple decades come from filmmakers of color – like M.