Golden Globes

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HFPA Announces New Eligibility Guidelines for Future Golden Globe Awards

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association today announced new eligibility guidelines for future Golden Globe Award shows and events, recognizing the diversity of excellence in the world by elevating foreign language films as candidates for its top award.   Every year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association examines its Golden Globes guidelines, considering new ways to celebrate connections of culture through film, television, and streaming platforms.
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HFPA Reporting Hotline Now Open

As we work to fully implement the reforms the HFPA has committed to, we will update this website with all changes as they are adopted. On Wednesday, May 19, the Association signed a contract with Convercent, a company that manages the world’s most complex and advanced global ethics programs, to establish a system allowing anyone – inside or outside of the organization – to report any complaints of misconduct by the HFPA or its members on an anonymous basis.