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Ethel Waters: Remembering the Pioneering Black Singer and Actress

Despite a long, trailblazing career as a popular singer of jazz, swing, and pop music on the Broadway stage and in concerts, and Oscar and Emmy nominations, Ethel Waters is hardly known or recognized today among younger generations of movie and music lovers. Waters became the second Black actress to be nominated for an Academy Award, in 1949 for Pinky, a movie about passing, in which white actress Jeanne Crain played a light-skinned girl.
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Steven Spielberg: A Legend Turns 75

Born December 18, 1946, in Cincinnati Ohio, Steven Allan Spielberg made his way to Hollywood via a brief stint at CSULB and went on to direct a handful of short films and TV episodes before making his feature debut with The Sugarland Express. Now with 57 credits as a director and in honor of his 75th birthday, we chose ten early works, pre-2000, that define his career:The Sugarland Express, 1974This crime drama film is his third film – after two TV movies, one of them the now-classic Duel – and his theatrical feature directorial debut.