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The Oscar race is anyone’s guess – but Golden Globes remain the best predictor

Originally published March 6, 2023   Historically, winners of the Golden Globe Awards have long been an essential precursor to the Academy Awards. Winning a Globe is a critical component in shaping the conversation around which films, performances, and filmmakers are likely to be successful during the award season, and winners generate momentum and increase buzz around the likelihood of an impending Oscar.
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From the Press Room of the 94th Oscars: a Night to Remember

It was not your usual night in the press room at the Loews Hotel, where journalists have gathered to interview Oscar winners backstage: the evening featured metal detectors accompanied by extra Covid-19 precautions, including plenty of extra elbow room between seats and tables. But once the ceremony had settled into its routine (or almost), including a choreographed musical number by Beyoncé introduced by the Williams sisters (portrayed in the film King Richard), it was almost business as usual - until the now-infamous moment when Will Smith got up and punched Chris Rock before returning to his seat and screaming clearly audible offensive words.