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Star Wars

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The “Light & Magic” of the House that George Lucas Built

The visual effects house Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), founded by director and producer George Lucas in 1975, celebrates 45 years since the world learned of its existence when Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope (1977) was released, with that sequence of the Star Destroyer flying across the screen, heading to infinity. Since then, ILM has not stopped pointing to a future full of promises to discover, as well as challenges and secrets to reveal.
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All Disney, All the Time: D23 Announces New Animation, Star Wars, Marvel Movies

 Every two years, since 2009, the Disney empire pounds the drums, sounds the clarions and gathers the tribes of fans and franchisees for one massive get-together: D23 Expo, two and half days in late July/early August dedicated to all things Disney. The event – named after the year the studio was founded, 1923- takes over the entirety of the massive Anaheim Convention Center – conveniently placed one mile away from the resort that included the Disneyland and California Adventure parks – and serves a variety of key purposes for the Disney multi-verse.
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In Memoriam: Carrie Fisher, Princess Of Wit And Bitter Wisdom, 1956-2016

Carrie Fisher, actress, writer, satirist, incomparable wit – and of course leader of the resistance left us all too soon at 60, we remember her with love and admiration along with legions of film fans. The daughter of Golden Globe nominated filmdom legends Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, she pursued her own film career beginning with a part in Hal Ahsby’s Shampoo alongside Warren Beatty and rose to superstardom when George Lucas cast her as Princess Leia in Star Wars.