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“Perfect Days”: Portrait of a Simple Man in a Tokyo Story by Wim Wenders

Screened in the official competition at the last Cannes Film Festival in May, Wim Wenders’s Perfect Days is set in Tokyo and follows the quiet and uncomplicated life of Hirayama, a toilet cleaner, played by Koji Yakusho, (this year winner of the Best Actor award). His daily existence consists of driving in his van from job to job, listening to cassettes of classic rock music, as he fastidiously carries out his tasks which he takes much pride in.
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“Blue Jean” – Contemporary Relevance of This Period of Queer History

The British film Blue Jean premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September 2022, winning the People’s Choice Award; it was released in the US in June 2023. First time writer-director Georgia Oakley (born on July 31, 1988) explores the inner conflict of Jean (Rosie McEwen), a young PE (Physical Education) teacher in Tyneside, Northern England, who hides her homosexuality when in her school environment and with her family, while hanging out at night in a different neighborhood with her butch girlfriend Viv (Kerrie Hayes) and their group of lesbian activists.