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Whitney Skauge’s Documentary Work Acts as an Extension of their Social and Political Activism

From the get-go, Whitney Skauge’s mission as a documentary filmmaker has been to use their platform to advocate for diverse storytelling and create representation on both sides of the camera. Their debut short documentary, The Beauty President (2021), highlights the historic 1992 bid for the White House of Terence Smith’s drag persona Joan Jett Blakk as one of the first openly queer write-in candidates.
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“Brave the Dark” – Classic Underdog Story Based on Actual Events

Writer, director, and producer Damian Harris, son of the legendary Irish actor Richard Harris, enlists the help of his brothers Jared (Chernobyl, Foundation) and Jamie (Carnival Row) – who were recently seen celebrating their father in the highly acclaimed documentary, The Ghost of Richard Harris – for his upcoming drama Brave the Dark. Damian Harris speaks on the phone about his latest film, a classic underdog story based on actual events.
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South Korean Women Directors Receive Recognition with Special Screening Series

South Korean cinema has, for a while now, enjoyed a significant international profile — its generally accepted renaissance of the past 25 years sparked by a wave of filmmakers who have pushed boundaries and often blended genres in intriguing new ways. In 2004, Park Chan-wook’s dark, moody mystery Oldboy, with its brutal action set pieces and shocking twist, went on to become a worldwide critical sensation, and solid commercial performer.