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Outfest Goes Big: How One Filmmaker Turned Agony into Ecstasy

As Outfest prepares to launch its 41st edition on July 13, over two hundred filmmakers anxiously await to see how the Los Angeles crowds will respond to the dramas, comedies, shorts and documentaries programmed for the film festival that will be covering all aspects of the LGBTQ+ community. With a mission statement that proclaims an agenda to “give artists, filmmakers and entertainment professionals the opportunity to discover their voice, provide the pathways to the visibility of their work by all members of the public, and assure that their legacy will live on for generations to come,” Outfest is excited about its latest edition.
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“Let Liv” Filmmakers Discuss How Crafting LGBTQ+ Characters Is Its Own Political Act

The 13 minutes short film Let Liv recently had its world premiere at the 2023 Tribeca Festival, after having been selected from more than 8,000 competitive entries. Directed by Erica Rose, and written by and costarring Olivia Levine, it tells the story of a young woman who begrudgingly agrees to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with her new partner, using humor to deflect the anxiety she feels about it.
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Filmmaking is Like a Love Affair for Panayotis Evangelidis

Panayotis Evangelidis is a Greek novelist, screenwriter and filmmaker whose documentaries are known for their intensely personal view on LGBTQ life and issues, in Greece and in America. Among others, his latest, The Tilos Weddings, chronicles the struggles of the Greek  LGBTQ community to legalize same-sex marriage from 2008 up to now; They Glow in the Dark looks at the aftermath of the AIDS crisis through the lives of a couple of older gay men who move to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and try to make ends meet by selling trinkets; Irving Park follows the unconventional family of four gay men in their sixties who design and lead their lives unapologetically according to their own desires.
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Producer and Director Lee Wells Premieres his First AI Movie

As the founder of the International Fine Arts Consortium (IFAC) – an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the arts on a global scale – Lee Wells has been immersed in the world of creativity for decades. An artist in his own right, he recently did something that went beyond what’s ordinary: premiering his first AI movie, Marcel Duchamp and His Girlfriend Love to Eat Spaghetti out of the Toilet and Laugh, with no screening room needed.