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Fashion – Street, Style & Sketch

Elizabeth Debicki, Jisoo, Rachel ZeglerLena Waithe, Dakota Johnson, Cynthia Erivo

Elizabeth Debicki, Jisoo, Rachel Zegler in Dior, Below: Lena Waithe – Aya Brown x Melody Ehsani, Dakota Johnson – Nour Hammour, Cynthia Erivo – Louis Vuitton.


Couture and street. Two slices of the same fashion coin that is blurring and combining.


We are living in the best time for style. No matter the fashion, the individual has enough choice that they can craft the personality into style.


Diversity and inclusion in society has made this possible. Gone are the days when you turned up at a Hollywood soiree and felt like you were at a funeral.


Sure, Sundance which is hosted in frigid temps allows innovation of comfort and fashion. But the blurring of style is a general trend.


Color is exploding across the world, but black, white and flesh tones will never go away.


Tiffany HaddishRossy de Palma

Two looks. (l) In Los Angeles, Tiffany Haddish wears the long socks of haute couture paired with a mini and a statement dress – as in the dress includes a quote. The event? Hulu’s The 1619 Project. More and more people are using social commentary written in on their clothing in a retro 60s – 70s awareness.


(r) In Spain Rossy de Palma attends Feroz Awards in stiletto ankle boots. An almost to the hip slit appears to continue up the bodice, if she so desires. The feel is provocative.

Tobias MenziesPedro Almodóvar

(l) Tobias Menzies and (r) Pedro Almodóvar demonstrate the interesting divergence in men’s fashion too.


Menzies, at the Sundance Film Festival, is appropriate for the climes and the established male profile. Dark clothing, boots scuffed, layers. Nice.


Director, Almodóvar, embraces the clashing colors that men are experimenting with and shows why its such a success to do just that.

Colman DomingoThembi Banks

Hats have gone out of vogue. We ask: why? Colman Domingo and Thembi Banks demonstrate why we should bring them back.

Thuso MbeduTeyana Taylor

People are embracing accessories artistically. Thuso Mbedu, Lio Mehiel, CJ Obasi and Teyana Taylor show that, by simply adding to a basic element, one can look like you stepped off a fashion website.


(l) Thuso Mbedu adds a simple cap to her brights – Adidas x Gucci.


(r) Teyana Taylor stuns in Thom Browne. Please note the hair adornments – a work of art.



Lio Mehiel, CJ Obasi

(r) Lio Mehiel looks like he’s been ripped from the runway with a bright, artistic, long sleeved tee, glasses and groomed do. CJ Obasi has donned traditional glasses and taken a simple bright, topped it off with somber scarf and contrasting cap. He added a beaded necklace in the shape of Africa as an accent. You can add to your own simple basic to create turn-and-look style. Be inspired.


Talking about style – do you ever wonder how stars settle on their performance costume choices? Recently, Atelier Zuhra and Nicolas Jebran shared two sketches of costumes that Beyoncé wore while performing in Dubai. We got a sneak peak and thought you might enjoy the share.