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Golden Globes: Chloe Flower’s Fashion

Chloe Flower

Chloe Flower will perform “Golden Hour”, her new single, at the 80th Golden Globes. She gave a shout out to the Globes on her instagram for the invitation to reintroduce music at the 80th Golden Globes awards show with the words: So excited I’m performing! Tune in January 10th to the 80th @goldenglobes!!!


For those of you unfamiliar with the musician and activist’s work, she combines talent and drama. She is all kinds of creativity that melds worlds. She makes you think. She makes you feel – and, she entertains you.


No surprise then, that she does the same on the red carpet. Accustomed to being in front of people, she is completely comfortable taking ‘traditional’ and tweaking it. Her sense of fun comes through, while honoring classic lines.


Her look could be called: Classic with a twist. A quick perusal of her you-tube imprint and it becomes apparent that she is a skilled producer and pianist. Carol of Bells is delivered with light uplifting treatment and – fashion clout.


Get What You Get leads you into expecting one thing – Chopin – and then takes you on an incredible execution into another riff, with beautiful harmony.


So what should we expect from the woman who teamed with Cardi B at the 2019 Grammy Awards?


Rousing skill and inspiration, but also drama in her designer wear.


Let’s flip through a few recent looks to get a glimpse of how dramatic she will be at the Golden Globes on January 10th. Honestly? I’m thinking she’s going to do a Lady Gaga entrance in something huge, in chartreuse, or a statement color. 


But she could as easily do the opposite – and that’s what we love about her style. You will have to catch her live on NBC January 10th at the Golden Globes to see how she will surprise and delight.


Until then. Let’s explore….

Chloe FlowerChloe Flower

(l) Even in a puffer jacket, she makes a statement. The oversized coat is a fashion item. Worn with glasses, wet look leggings and runners, she’s saying, don’t look at me, while the ensemble defies you to ignore her.


(r) This is a classic 50s shift embellished into ballgown. The sleeves and fabric take the simple cut and notch it up to spectacular. The belt emphasizes the cuff motif, and the skirt is full and a little long so it puddles both front and back. The hair is a dramatic contrast. 

Chloe FlowerChloe Flower

Drama Baby! We love it. 


(l) The polka dots are traditional, as is the cut of the dress – until you get to the cape. This is dramatic and clever. Are they sleeves? Clearly not. The off the shoulder dress has a starched cape that stands away from the body and makes a contrasting line framing the silhouette.


(r) Here, she layers, creating an artistic palette. The pink stem of a three-piece tux – in pink (!) against the backdrop of complementing dusty pastels in the form of a cape. The hair is an intricate creation, like sculptured art.



Chloe Flower

We’ve featured lots of variations of black and white, but never like this. The slit deliberately shows the lining bringing the eye to the slender thigh – the white against the black – again, classic but presented differently. Notice the detail at the part.

Chloe FlowerChloe Flower

The fierce proponent for women of color in the music industry embraces brights. While many women shy away from strong hues, she understands that color reflects confidence and attracts the eye.

Chloe FlowerChloe Flower

It is clear she loves hats, but she is unlikely to wear one on the red carpet. Unless she echoes Janelle Monáe and does just that? She can blend in with long, straight locks or inspire with a dramatic sculptured updo.


Whatever she chooses, we know we want to see it. Return on January 10th and let’s see how she inspires us.