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Golden Globes: Nominees – Style – Best Actress – Motion Picture – Musical/Comedy

Margot Robbie, Michelle Yeoh, Emma Thompson, Anya Taylor-Joy, Lesley Manville

Golden Globes: Nominees – Style – Best Actress – Motion Picture – Musical/Comedy – This category is not only filled with talented actresses but also with huge personalities.


First up is Anya Taylor-Joy (The Menu) whose choices on screen are as diverse as her red carpet style.

(l) Her long collaboration with Dior ensures she is groomed and gorgeous at every event, but she is also surprising.


(r) This is straight off the Paris Fashion Week runway.  The look is much more Vogue than Hollywood. Her choices are daring with a willingness to try something new.


Expect: everything! It will be glamorous. It will be haute couture. It may be daring. It will be stunning.

Anya Taylor JoyAnya Taylor Joy
Margot Robbie2018 Margot Robbie, 75th Golden Globes

Above: Margot Robbie, (Babylon) has made a name for herself acting and producing. On the carpet her style is star-sedate. In other words you always look, the choices are never typical, and never over the top – yet they always standout.


(l) Ms. Robbie tames her hair into a sophisticated chignon, the dress is cut in a heavier fabric, skimming the body not revealing it, the bodice trimmed, the slit – demure. Everything reeks of style.


(r) In Gucci, in 2018, nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical for her role in I, Tonya, – which she also produced.


Expect: under-stated glam.


Below: Lesley Manville stars in the fashion-centric film, Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris – a story about a woman determined to own a Dior – we understand her motivation! Let’s look at her style imprint.


(l) The gown is so cleverly constructed. Nipped at the waist with darts visible in the bodice and skirt. The sheer drape across the shoulders at the top and the train, elongate through hue from neck to toe – the visible chest through the sheer, and the naked arms, breaking the black but not the overall length. We like the contrasting purse.


(r) Same concept, different execution. The dress appears solid, but the shoulders and sleeves are.


Expect: a traditional gown with waist emphasis and some sheer.

2022 Lesley ManvilleLesley Manville
2014 Emma Thompson, 71st Golden GlobesEmma Thompson

The eleven-time nominee with two wins – one for Best Screenplay for Sense and Sensibility, is nominated this year for Good Luck to You, Leo Grande: a story about an insecure woman who hires a hooker and reveals herself through conversation – both what she says and what she doesn’t say.


Emma Thompson is anything but insecure. Her choices are bold and specific. Glam, with exuberance. Whether sedate, in a figure-hugging cocktail dress, or drop dead, old-world movie star stunning, in a moon glow satin, she owns her place in the spotlight.


Expect: fitted, demure styling with a bit of flash.


Michelle Yeoh is that classic beauty, who has also been delivering great characters – and action, all while leaving her mark with grace on the carpet. She’s not afraid of color, or of wearing glasses in front of the glitterati – something more common in men than women for some reason.


There is an ethereal glow to Ms. Yeoh’s style. Nominated for Everything Everywhere All at Once her clothing choices are anything but. Rather they are beautifully tailored to hint at the physique with specific accent pieces.


Expect: feminine elegance. Look for her purse. She usually has a statement purse – if you zoom in on the left image the design will make you smile.


Return on January 10th to see the 80th red carpet looks and watch the show on NBC.

2022 Michelle Yeoh Michelle Yeoh