2023 LGBTQ+ Month

  • Television

Science-Fantasy Animated Film “Nimona” Proudly Celebrates Queerness

An unlikely duo going on a rambunctious colorful ride seeking truth and vindication is at the heart of the new animated film Nimona out in select US theaters this weekend and streaming on Netflix on June 30 – just in time to wrap up Pride month with themes of inclusivity and acceptance. Based on the New York Times bestselling webcomic character created a little over a decade ago by non-binary and transmasculine graphic artist ND Stevenson, Nimona is a mischievous teenage shapeshifter perceived as a villainous threat to be feared in a futuristic medieval world, when all she actually wants is to be accepted for who she really is while having fun creating chaos by transforming herself into various living beings.
  • Film

The Gay Directors Who Changed Old Hollywood

Before the word “gay” took roots in our daily life – and before we began to see movies featuring women, men and all variations of the word “gender” in all kinds of styles – the powerful engine of the industry of visual entertainment was often driven by filmmakers who, even at the dawn of Hollywood, were themselves gay. The word was mentioned rarely and only in private, but the entertainment machine was constantly affected by smart and daring gay filmmakers, creating hit pictures and beginning significant conversations between the story on the screen and the audience in the dark.