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Film Festivals: Todos Santos

A long-standing tradition of the Hollywood Foreign Press has been to encourage our journalists to attend film festivals all over the world for the purpose of cultural exchange, to explain the goals of our association, to meet international filmmakers and invite them to submit their movies for Golden Globe consideration. We represent the HFPA at important international events like Cannes, Venice, Berlin or Sundance; we also recognize smaller festivals, where a shared passion for the art of cinema creates an exciting and fertile atmosphere.
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Foreign Film Symposium

As representatives of press outlets from more than 50 countries worldwide, members of the Hollywood Foreign Press have always attached great value to the Foreign Film category. Not only are non-English language movies indicative of the intrinsically international nature of the film business and examples of global excellence, they are also windows into humanity in all its facets and idioms, contributing, as only art can, to further understanding between all people.