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What’s Next for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association?

Four HFPA members – Lena Basse, Yukiko Nakajima, Janet Nepales and Ruben Nepales – answered that question and discussed related matters, including recent reforms to the Association, in a panel discussion presented by the Asian World Film Festival (AWFF) in conjunction with its November festival program. Rick Ambros, a media and entertainment consultant and producer, moderated the forum, part of AWFF’s series of panel discussions,  held in person at the Landmark Theatres in Los Angeles.
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HFPA Announces Neil Phillips as New Chief Diversity Officer

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) has announced the hiring of Neil Phillips as its first Chief Diversity Officer as an integral part of its continuing commitment to implementing reforms to promote greater diversity, equity, and inclusion both within the organization and within broader Hollywood and journalism communities.  Phillips is an innovative speaker and entrepreneur who works to shine a light on the most pressing issues of our time: value and equity, with a focus on creating opportunities elevating human value in education, business, and the public/private sector.
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HFPA & NAACP Enter Groundbreaking Multi-Year Partnership

The NAACP and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA)announced a five-year collaborative partnership, joining forces in an effort to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion across the global entertainment industry.   Each year the HFPA and the NAACP Hollywood Bureau will collaborate on, fund, and support a series of trailblazing initiatives, with the overall goals of: Ensuring visibility of projects from artists of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds; Increasing diverse representation in the industry; Building pathways to inclusion for young artists and journalists of color.
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HFPA Adds Outside Journalists to Aid in the New Member Selection Process

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) announced that five distinguished outside journalism professionals have joined its Credentials Committee to screen and select new Association members — one of the most important steps of their comprehensive reform plan announced in May. Appointed to the nine-member Credentials Committee to help select new members to join the HFPA are: Tre'Vell Anderson, Terry Anzur, Bel Hernandez, Toni Moston, and Dr.
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HFPA Names Three Outside Advisors to Help Oversee New Member Selection

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association on Monday continued its transformation into a reimagined organization with the appointment of three external advisors who will select the group tasked with reviewing new member applicants in the coming weeks. “The creation of an Advisory Board comprised primarily of outside professionals is intended to provide an independent voice in our new member selection process starting with the selection process of the members of the Credentials Committee,” said HFPA President Helen Hoehne.